Updated: February 11th, 2022 As changes have been implemented in the CDC guidelines around vaccinated peoples, First Tee has made changes to their requirements for our participants going into our summer programs. Participants will receive an e-mail with specific information per location that they register for. Each location will likely have specific guidelines. This is the formal confirmation e-mail that you receive from the lead staff coach of your location. Unless your child is under age 7 and part of the Pee-Wee program or has extenuating circumstances that are communicated to us before class time and we have discussed needs, parents will not be allowed to follow their child through activities. Parents are allowed to observe programming from a safe location, which will be designated and communicated to you ahead of the program starting through that official confirmation e-mail from your staff coach. This is the typical requirements in and outside of COVID protocols. Masks will not be required to be worn by our participants. Anyone that feels more comfortable wearing a mask during program times is absolutely welcomed to do so. EXCEPT: If a participant or coach is indoors, they will be required to wear a mask if required by that location. Any participant or coach at the RCVLLC/TFLC will need to wear a mask to enter the building. The building will continue to stay closed outside of needing to use the restroom or refilling water bottles. Participants will be pre-grouped before class time in small groups with a singular coach. This is the group that participants will stay with throughout the duration of the session, called their 'pod'. The absolute max number of participants per pod will be 8 with one coach, but likely would be smaller. Pods will be mainly organized by level in FT-GD and age, so that participants are being instructed with their correct curriculum level and are within a typical peer group. Participants would be asked to bring their own equipment, but if a participant does not have their own, we will help participants by providing clubs to use during class times. Activity stations will be outside. Anything necessary to be sanitized between pods will be sanitized with solutions by staff. Bathroom breaks will be monitored as best as possible by staff or volunteers with only one participant within the bathroom space at one time. Most of our facilities are public and therefore we do not control the others that may be in the bathroom space at the same time. Participants WILL NOT be allowed to go to the restroom without either coach or parent observation of entry and exit of the restroom space. Coaches are NOT allowed to enter the restroom space with participants. Participants will be asked to bring their own water bottle. Not all courses have open food service, and the learning center does not have any vending available. If you have any questions or concerns around these protocols, please contact Katie Harris at [email protected]