The First Tour

The premise of implementing the “First Tour” is to bridge the gap between the life skills experience and competitive junior golf in a fun, beginner friendly environment. The running theme of the First Tour will be tournament readiness, and should prove valuable for both the participant and parent as they learn the etiquette and rules of the game along with playing for a score and just what all goes into preparing to play tournament golf.

The First Tour is an excellent way to engage FT-GD participants from all corners of the Greater Dallas area as well as highlight our great affiliate golf courses as the tour will rotate venues monthly. This should allow our kids to get comfortable meeting and playing with new people as well as building a golf game that travels.

Tournament Information

Events will be played in either 2-person teams or individual stroke play based on participant division.

The season will run annually from March to October with several First Tour events offered including a championship tournament in November and a preview tournament in February.

Players will receive points based on participation in First Tee programs, special events, other opportunities and finishes in each event that will compile for Player of the Year awards at the season ending First Tour Championship in November.

To view the First Tour 2024 schedule, click here

Tournament Structure

Players will compete in divisions based on their age, gender, and skill level. Below is a chart with a simple break down of the tournament structure.

Player Requirements

The suggested playing window for the First Tour is entry once a participant is active in the program and phased out by certifying to ACE/ACE+. The age range is from 7 to 18 years old.

First Tour Membership Pre-Requisites

  • Active in FTGD Open Enrollment, click here to view the full definition
  • Must be between 7 - 18 years old
  • New players and their guardian(s) must complete a rules and information guide.
  • NOT in the ACE or ACE+ program. (Please note, the "Ace Prep" class offered at RCVLLC location is NOT a part of the FTGD Ace program. Therefore participants in the "Ace Prep" class are eligible for First Tour)


  • There is a $100 Membership fee that grants access to all First Tour series events for one calendar year. It includes a FTGD hat, polo, USGA rules book and First Tour rules book.
  • A $20-$25 fee for each tournament will be required. (this fee may differ depending on course availability)
    **scholarships are available with proven need, this process and its requirements are different from open enrollment programing at FTGD. Contact the tournament director BEFORE applying** 

Click Here to see Parent Orientation and Guide

Preview tournament

A preview tournament will be offered in the beginning of the year for participants to get an understanding of first tour and see if they would like to pursue competitive golf. If someone is unsure about the next step in junior golf this is the perfect opportunity to test it out!

It will be structured the same way that all first tour series events will be throughout the year!

This event is intended for participants who have little to know experience with the First Tour program.

*You do NOT need the $100 first tour membership to play in this tournament.

you WILL need to complete the rules and information guide and register for the event including paying the tournament fee.

How To Register for First Tour:

  1. New participants and their guardian(s) MUST complete the rules and information guide and display an understanding the material before being able to complete registration for yearly a membership.
  2. Once completed, a link will be sent to you to finish official registration and payment.
  3. After your membership is paid for and completed, you will receive regular e-mails to register for tournaments and events.

Changes effective in 2024

The First Tour staff have been working to improve programming for the 2024 season. As a result the following changes have been made. More information on these changes will be available soon.

To inquire about the rules & information guide requirement,

please contact the tournament director

Questions? Contact the tournament director Taylor Le at [email protected]

Caddies For Kids

If you are interested in finding a mentor and caddie for your child, Caddies For Kids is the perfect program! We are partnering with them to provide caddies for First Tour participants this season. All caddies provided through Caddies For Kids are high school students who must meet certain criteria such as playing on their high school golf team, taking a safety training course and are recommended by their coach.

Having a consistent mentor and caddie for your child is one of the best recourses they can have. We encourage every participant to get a caddies for kids membership regardless of experience or exposure level with competitive golf. There is something that everyone from all skill levels can gain from having a mentor like the ones provided through this program.

A membership through Caddies For Kids is required for $150 for the calendar year. Thanks to their generous donors the 2024 season members get FREE caddy fees right now!

For more information on Caddies For Kids you can check out their website,