Ace certification is the highest level a participant can achieve within First Tee global network of chapters and the designation is a great addition to any young person’s HS or collegiate resume.   The Ace program focuses on personal planning and the reinforcement of skills such as self-management, goal setting, self-coaching, interpersonal communication and resilience that were introduced in earlier levels of the program.  Using these skills, participants become Ace-certified by completing four projects (Community Service, Career, College, and Golf) that will help them build a foundation towards higher education and a future career.  Our intention is to help each of you become Ace-certified as soon as possible.

Two Different Levels of Ace

Ace programming is broken into two categories – Ace, and Ace+ in FTGD.

Ace is the highest level of certifying programming offered in First Tee. The requirements to reach this level are that participants are at least 14 years of age, shooting 110 or less in 18 hole tournaments, and a golf and rules skills challenge.

Ace+ is the competitive, highest level of our local FT program.  It is reserved for participants that have not only completed all other levels of the program, but that also play golf competitively and have a USGA Handicap of 10 or less and/or average a score of less than 85 for 18 holes in competitive play.

Differences in Level Programming

Ace programming has a heavy Ace curriculum emphasis, with practice option to work on golf skills during the time with other Ace participants.

Ace+ programming is mainly high-level competitive golf focused with Ace curriculum involvement.

Currently we are mingling both levels of Ace opportunities through our clinics, book days and course days.

What happens during these classes?

Current ace programming is structured around:
–Focused clinic days with intentional activities built around Ace Project 1 requirements
–Book days working on the written portions of the Ace Projects (such as Project 2 and Project 4)
–Course days allowing participants to enjoy low-stress 9-hole competitions with a challenge per class (such as skins, putting challenges, 4-clubs only, etc)

How does my child qualify for Ace+ programming?

The progression from Ace to Ace+ is based on a nomination process. If you believe your child is (1) the right age, (2) has completed Eagle level certification, and (3) has the scores and tournament play to qualify, please contact Katie Harris at [email protected] to discuss involvement.


Costs of Ace programming vary on intended activities and location. For 2023, with the different options of clinics, course days and book days, costs are between $15-30 per program depending on the programming location.


Lastly, Ace-certified participants receive an extremely significant points boost towards their FTGD College Scholarship Application (to be completed during HS senior and college years).  Last year’s top recipient was awarded $10,000 and more than $100,000 was awarded in total!

For more questions about the Ace program offerings, please contact Katie Harris at [email protected]